LIFE MEMBERSHIP – is any Regular member who, at the time of his application for this classification shall have been a member in good standing of the Institute continuously for at least ten(10) years shall be classified as Life member after verification and approval of his application by the National Board of Directors.

Requirements to become a Life Membership:

  1. Duly accomplished Life Membership Application Form
  2. (1) copy each of 1″x1″ and 2″x2″ size picture
  3. Payment of Life Membership FeePhP10,000.00
  4. Endorsement of the Chapter


  1. Fill up Life Membership [Application Form].
  2. Membership status of applicant is verified if qualified for life membership.
  3. When all requirements are verified to be complete, receives payment of Life Membership Fee of PhP10,000.00, If from chapters PhP5,000.00 (Chapter keeps its share of 50%).
  4. Life membership application form must be endorsed of the Chapter President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  5. Application with complete requirements will be presented for approval of the National Board of Directors.
  6. Approval of the Life Membership Application is done during board meeting only.
  7. Issuance of Life Membership Certificate is scheduled every Regional Conference, Midyear and National Conventions