STUDENT MEMBERSHIP – Any student enrolled not lower than in the third year in a recognized engineering institution in the Philippines offering the prescribed offering the prescribed course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering or its equivalent and who shall fulfill all other requirements for membership set forth in these By-Laws shall be eligible for membership in this classification.

Requirements to become new regular member:

  1. Duly Accomplished Membership Student [Registration Form]
  2. (1) copy of 2″x2″ size picture
  3. Payment of Fees
    • Entrance Fee PhP10.00
    • National Membership Dues PhP4.00
    • Mother Chapter Dues PhP4.00
    • Student Chapter Membership Dues PhP3.00
    • Card Membership ID is free for the member

A new member will receive a Student Membership and ID.

Note: Annual dues shall be paid starting on the first day of January of each year, but not later that the first day of October otherwise the student members shall be considered in arrears and shall temporarily lose his membership privileges.